What we need to know about Sunscreen

The simple facts

The sun damages our skin. It dries our skin. We get sun burn. It gives early wrinkles. It reduces our skin elasticity. It can cause skin cancer. And just to be clear, it’s not “the sun” but his UV rays that can be harmful. All of those effects are due to an unsafe and long exposure to sun. Lucky us the sun is also GOOD for our skin as long as it’s a safe exposure!

Safe sun exposure

There’s a lot of companies on the market that sales sunscreen. Some with great (and not great) products. Now be careful and follow the instruction given on the bottle. Usually it’s recommended to apply every 2 hours but it varies from brand to brand. We are also responsible for the time we are exposed to the sun. Short periods are recommended. Take a break in between your sun’s session. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes. Remember to stay hydrated!

Organic VS none-organic

What to look for and which ingredients to avoid?

Mama taught me to always wear sun’s cream. I didn’t always listen but now that i understand the risks, i do!

Mama taught me to always wear sun’s cream. I didn’t always listen but now that i understand the risks, i do!

My preference is ORGANIC. I love buying products that are harmless for my skin and i feel concern to encourage companies that takes the time to create chemical free products. ! When i buy sunscreen, i try to pick one that is 100% from vegetarian ingredients. Very important that it is labeled cruelty free meaning not tested on animals. I use SPF higher than 30 and with water resistance for my body because i am very active, i sweat a lot and i love spending long periods outdoors. To find out more about the SPF indicators I recommend you to read the official health care recommendations from Health Canada. The ingredients to avoid are any chemicals, parabens, artificial colors, sulfates and seriously consider that when you can’t pronounce the names of the ingredients, just put it back on the shelf.

Reviews of the ones i tried

My favorite for my face is from The Green Beaver company which is a local Canadian brand made in Ontario. I like it because it’s not too greasy, it doesn’t have a strong smell and it doesn’t (at all) leave a white cast. Plus it’s quite affordable (cad $12.99 for 90 ML). I really like that it is hypoallergenic especially because i have sensitive skin on my face. Anything greasy gives me a breakout or too pasty makes my skin real dry real quick!


My next two favorites are the ones i wear to daily and to practice my sports! They’re from a brand i love Alba Botanica. I wear the green tube SPF 30 anytime i get out of the house and i wear the blue tube SPF 45 when i play sports or go on long bike rides. They’re both fragrance free which is my preference, both water & sweat resistant. They’re also reef friendly! Yes they protect the skin and the reefs! Isn’t amazing! The only down side of those cream is that it takes a little while to penetrate your skin. Lastly, they’re super affordable. I paid cad 9$ each for 118 ML.

The last one is from the brand Think Sport. It’s made for healthy athletes high SPF 50 and is water resistant up to 80 minutes. The only reason why it’s my least favorite is cause it leaves a thick white cast.


Keep in mind as long as we stay safely under the sun, it’s not harmful. Let us get that Vitamin D home or on vacation !

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