Best Fitness Accessories

Best Fitness Accessories

What are your favorite workout accessories ?

Thinking about enhancing your workouts but aren’t sure which gym equipment to use? Good, I am here to share with you my favorite workout accessories.

There are many options. These are the basics that everyone should have at home.

Start with a floor mat.

You need to protect your knees. The mat absorbs the shock, creates a barrier between the floor and your back. It adds comfort while you hold your pose. Your joints (ankles, knees, elbows, wrists) will thank you.


Resistance bands are my favorite for Lower Body exercises.

The bands create an extra resistance so the movements become more challenging. You will feel the burn ! Also it can help to improve your movements. It brings focus to important small details such as your knees pointing outwards not inwards while squatting.

There are multiple exercises you could use them for. Just to name a few; squats, wall chair, lunges, clams, quadruped hip extension, fire hydrants and isolated glutes movements! I use small rubber ones but I find there’s a better grip and resistance with the ones in material. You can choose the level of resistance depending on your movements. You are also free to choose to wear one resistance band for example over your hips or down to your calves. Or two bands if you’re looking for an intense sweat !

Get creative with your workouts and always remember to do safely what feels good to your body. Stay tuned for How to use resistance bands videos coming soon !

Stability Ball is my favorite for core and pelvic floor exercises!

When you hold the ball between the two palms of your hands, the weight is divided equally in your muscles. Compared to when you’re holding individual dumbbells in your hands. One arm is usually weaker than the other, so the weight isn’t divided as equally.

Your core is engaged. It means your external and internal obliques plus all your abdominal muscles are contracting, which promotes core stabilization. You will feel your shoulders and your arms engaging into the movement too. Either you’re holding the mini stability ball behind your head performing a sunset exercise or performing Russian twists exercise at eye-level, you will feel the sensation of all your upper body engaging into your movements. Just like the resistance bands, you are free to choose the intensity you want. Mini stability balls vary from 2.5 lbs. to 7 lbs. and up!

Dumbbells for upper body, even for women ? Yes !

Dumbbells were unknow to me before I hired personal trainers. Only then did I begin to train confidently with dumbbells. Gradually I am learning proper form and how to incorporate them in my workouts. I use dumbbells mainly for my upper body except for sumo squats and walking lunges. Contrary to popular belief, free weights don’t make you bulky in a day. It is appropriate to hold dumbbells in your hands. You will gain muscle mass, get leaner and elongate your silhouette.


No more excuses!

Now you know what my favourite accessories are; floor mat, resistance bands, mini stability ball and dumbbells. Remember to clean your equipment after each use. These accessories are affordable and can easily be found online or at your local fitness store.

No excuse ! Select equipment that makes it fun and keeps you safe.

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