Quarantine Chronicle - day 081

Quarantine Chronicle - day 081

Experiencing our new reality

Before mid-May 2020 I did not panic, I did not feel any negative emotions from Covid-19. I was not surprised by the reactions of us & government about the pandemic. I was not impressed by the ignorance of people regarding basic hygiene measures. I was and have been minding my business, focused on my goals. I thought to myself, self-isolation, no problem !

To be honest I enjoyed it, so much.

I took care of my plants, slept early, woke up early. I succeeded my winter university semester, I nurtured my hair and skin, I had my last therapy session, exercised, meditated. I spent time with my dog, called my mom daily, practice my Barre classes, checked on my friends, no care given to toxic and fake people, ate what I wanted. I spent time outdoors basically everyday! You got it; I was good for the two first months! Until…I started to feel stress from the uncertain.



The thing is, I kept going and went harder at it. I was convinced it was the best attitude to opt for.

Little did I know reality caught up to me. On May 15 2020, I knew that in 7 days from that date, my employer was not renewing my work contract. I knew I had just introduced my FIT + BARRE to the world. Oh, and yes, I knew the bills would keep coming.

How did I cope with all that?

I decreased my exercises and increased my food indulging. Frustrating? Totally. Sad? Temporary. Real? Yep! In my control? Yes.

“So now what?”

Kind of always is the question I ask myself, right? Now that I know it is okay to slow down. I give myself the green light to take it day by day. I allow myself to go trough the healing that my mind, heart & body needs. I remind myself, there’s power in vulnerability. I keep going forward with solutions. And of course, I stay Fit with Barre!

You can too, simply click https://www.glambygabrielle.com/ !


Cheers to a glamorous well being !

Cheers to a glamorous well being !

I hope you are taking the full care of yourself that you deserve. Feel free to email-me or send me a private message on Instagram if you need to talk.

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